What Our Training Program Covers

We demystify research by teaching how to use data around us to create value. Irrespective of the industry of work, we tailor our empowerment module in a manner that makes meaning to the local context. We train on the use of:

  1. Microsoft excel for cash flow management, dashboard development, statistical analysis, pivot for data manipulation, forecasting and workforce management.
  2. Stata for quantitative econometric analysis, data transformation and management, hypothesis testing, etc.
  3. SPSS for both quantitative and qualitative data coding and management, hypothesis testing and many more.
  4. Minitab for quality assurance using Six Sigma approach, multivariate regressions and pareto analysis.

Apart from statistical analysis, our training also focuses on service delivery, where our team teaches service quality, service recovery and business process engineering. We help companies to setup and run customer service centres such as contact or call centres, quality assurance and audit units as well as telemarketing.

Finally, our team offer guidance on organisational development and administrative practices. We help to facilitate orientation programs for new executives and managers, continuous development to align staff with corporate philosophy, business processes and culture. We teach why there is the need to respect organisational structure, span of control, reporting and delegation.